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In the Beginning God

In the Beginning God

This short, little book started as three public lectures by Prof. Homer Hoeksema. He gave these speeches in the 1960s when the teachings of evolutionism, especially theistic evolutionism, were finding their way into Reformed churches and schools—especially colleges.

The conflict between creationism and evolutionism has not gone away. In fact, it has only increased. Today theistic evolutionism is taught uncontested in most Christian institutions.

In the Beginning God stands for the truth of divine creation in six days as taught by scripture. Academic disciplines, Prof. Hoeksema argues, should be viewed through the lens of scripture, not the other way around. And he is very clear: the central issue between creationism and evolutionism is one of faith versus unbelief.

This book is valuable for college students and anyone who is given the opportunity to witness and explain the scriptures’ account of a literal six-day creation.

The three lectures included as chapters in this book are:

The Divine Foundation—The Infallible Scriptures
The Creation Record—Literal or not Literal?
Genesis and Science

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