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Quiz Your Knowledge of the Canons of Dordt (12)

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Canons of Dordt (12)

The RFPA blog editor, Rev. Martyn McGeown, enjoys teaching the creeds in his capacity as pastor of Providence PRC. To that end, he has written a series of quizzes for our blog readers, to test readers' knowledge of the Canons of Dordt. Try them out, test yourselves and your friends and family, and may the questions spur you on to familiarize yourselves with the confessions.

Today, we conclude our quizzes on Heads Three/Four.

Find questions 1 through 25 here.

Find questions 26 through 50 here.

Find questions 51 through 75 here.


Quiz 12 on Canons Heads Three/Four

  1. True or false: Because God’s operation in regeneration is incomprehensible we cannot know if we are regenerated or not. 
  2. True or false: The will of the believer is dead in trespasses and sins; he cannot will or choose the good.
  3. True or false: God offers to the sinner the gift of faith which man can accept or reject at his pleasure.
  4. True or false: God bestows the power or ability to believe and then expects man to believe by his freewill.
  5. True or false: If a person makes a profession of faith and lives uprightly, we should view him as regenerate.
  6. True or false: God produces in us both the will to believe and the act of believing also. 
  7. True or false: Since God produces the act of believing in us, it is rightly said that God believes; we do not. 
  8. True or false: In regeneration God takes away man’s will and its properties. 
  9. True or false: In regeneration God forces a man to be converted against his will.
  10. True or false: Before regeneration carnal rebellion and resistance prevailed; after regeneration obedience begins to reign in man’s will, which is the freedom of man’s will. 
  11. True or false: In regeneration God spiritually quickens, heals, corrects, and sweetly bends man’s will. 
  12. True or false: God supports our natural life, as well as our spiritual life, without means. 
  13. True or false: Man is able to, and often does, prevent his own regeneration when God wills to regenerate him. 
  14. True or false: In regeneration man’s will is first so that God’s grace waits for man’s will to respond. 
  15. True or false: Admonitions are unnecessary in the preaching because obedience is automatic in Christians.


Find the answers to these questions here.
Thank you for participating in these Canons quizzes! How did you fare? Want to share your thoughts with us? Email with comments and questions.
For more reader activities and articles in the Reformed tradition, visit the RFPA blog next week!

Martyn McGeown is a pastor in the Protestant Reformed Churches. He is also the editor of the RFPA blog and the author of multiple RFPA publications.

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