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At the beginning of each new fiscal year, the Reformed Free Publishing Association members and friends gather to hear about the importance of our work and to see where that work has taken us in the past year. This meeting is an opportunity to thank each association member for their support in the cause of witnessing to the truth of God’s Word and to encourage the RFPA board, editors, and authors in their diligent work. Visitors are welcome, and all male attendees are encouraged to join the Association of Reformed Free Publishing by signing up at the meeting.


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You can also view transcripts of these speeches, most of which have been published in the Standard Bearer, here.


2023 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Spreading the Reformed Gospel to the Four Corners of the Earth"

Daniel Kleyn
Date given: 09-28-2023
Location: Grandville Protestant Reformed Church (Grandville, MI)
via YouTube (click here)

2022 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Doctrinal Devotions for Littles"

Joyce Holstege
Date given: 09-22-2022
Location: Terra Square Event Center (Hudsonville, MI)
via YouTube (click here)

2021 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Whom the Lord Loveth, He Chasteneth"

Brian Huizinga
Date given: 09-23-2021
Location: Trinity Protestant Reformed Church (Hudsonville, MI)
via YouTube (click here)

2019 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Training our Children in the Discipline of Reading"

Justin Smidstra
Date given: 09-26-2019
Location: Zion Protestant Reformed Church (Jenison, MI)
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2018 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The RFPA, the CPRC, and the Spread of the Truth"

Angus Stewart
Date given: 09-28-2018
Location: Grace Protestant Reformed Church (Grand Rapids, MI)

2017 RFPA Annual Meeting

"After 500 Years: What about James on Justification?"

David J. Engelsma
Date given: 09-28-2017
Location: Southwest Protestant Reformed Church (Wyoming, MI)
NOTE: The audio recording ends after the secretary report. However, the video is a recording of the entire meeting.

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2016 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Lord Grant Boldness: The RFPA's Witness in the Sexual Revolution"

Joshua Engelsma
Date given: 09-29-2016
Location: Providence Protestant Reformed Church (Hudsonville, MI)
NOTE: At 57:12 the audio recording cuts off and goes straight into the secretary's report by Josh Hoekstra. The beginning of the secretary's report starts out like this:
The Truth Never Begs: The Necessary Voice of the Reformed Free Publishing Association. In 1953 Herman Hoeksema penned an editorial titled "Why We Should Read the Standard Bearer." He stated: Mark you well...

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2015 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Role of Reformed Literature in Reformed Missions"

Richard Smit
Date given: 09-24-2015
Location: Trinity Protestant Reformed Church (Hudsonville, MI)

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2014 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Importance of Knowing Church History"

Clayton Spronk
Date given: 09-25-2014
Location: Grandville Protestant Reformed Church (Grandville, MI)

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2013 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Encouraging the Next Generation to Read"

Brian Huizinga
Date given: 09-19-2013
Location: Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church (Hudsonville, MI)

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2012 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Church Membership in a Postmodern Era"

Barry Gritters
Date given: 09-27-2012
Location: Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church (Hudsonville, MI)

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2011 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The 60th Anniversary of the Declaration of Principles: A Commemoration"

David J. Engelsma
Date given: 09-22-2011
Location: Faith Protestant Reformed Church (Jenison, MI)

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2010 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Justified Unto Liberty: Commentary on Galatians"

Herman Hanko

2009 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Read Any Good Books? Reformed Books in the Reformed Home"

Garry Eriks

2008 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Origin and History of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Australia"

David Torlach

2007 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Redeemed with Judgment: A Reformed Perspective on Isaiah"

Mark Hoeksema

2006 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Publishing the Reformed FaithGlobally"

Russell Dykstra

2005 RFPA Annual Meeting

"All Around Us"

Gise VanBaren

2004 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Reflections on that Peculiar Creature: The Editor of the Standard Bearer"

David J. Engelsma

2003 RFPA Annual Meeting

"1953 and Our Continuing Heritage"

Bernard Woudenberg

2002 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Publication of Van Zonde en Genade"

Herman Hanko

2001 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Herman Hoeksema's Romans Series"

David J. Engelsma

2000 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Study to Answer, Rather than Studying Destruction"

James Laning

1999 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard of the New Millennium"

Wilbur Bruinsma

1998 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Reading, Writing, and Heretics"

Steven Key

1997 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The RFPA and Religious Stew"

Mitchell Dick

1996 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The RFPA: Stimulator of Sound Knowledge in an Age of Ignorance"

Charles Terpstra

1995 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard BearerIn Defense of Our Faith"

Ron Cammenga

1994 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Our Heritage and the Standard Bearer"

Cornelius Hanko

1992 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer and the Covenant Family"

Wilbur Bruinsma

1991 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Committed to Exposing Old Wolves in New Wool"

Kenneth Koole

1990 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Our Raised Banner"

Herman Hanko

1989 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer: Holding the Traditions"

David J. Engelsma

1987 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer and Our Youth (or The Standard Bearer and Our Future)"

Steven Key

1985 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Our Order of Worship"

Herman Hanko

1984 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer and Polemics"

Robert Decker

1983 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Contending for the Faith"

Cornelius Hanko

1979 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Our Calling in Today's Ecclesiastical World"

Herman Hanko

1975 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Our Heritage and the Standard Bearer"

M. Joostens

1971 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer and the Next Generation, or The Standard Bearer: A Force to Preserve a Heritage"

Jon Huisken

1970 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer In His Fear"

John Heys

1969 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Ye Are My Witnesses"

Homer Hoeksema

1966 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer—A Plan for its Failure"

Gise VanBaren

1962 RFPA Annual Meeting

"We Protestant Reformed!"

Homer Hoeksema

1961 RFPA Annual Meeting

"A New Generation"

Cornelius Hanko

1959 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer's Witness"

Bernard Woudenberg

1958 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer and Our Mission Work"

Homer Hoeksema

1945 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The Standard Bearer as a Witness"

Herman Hoeksema

1944 RFPA Annual Meeting

"Gleanings from Twenty Years"

W. Hofman
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