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Article originally published in the October 1,1990 issue of the Standard Bearer, written by Rev. Dale Kuiper. __________________ The two great passages that set forth the concept of reconciliation are Romans 5:10 and 2 Corinthians 5:18–21. The word translated reconciliation, a word used only by Paul, sets forth our salvation in a very rich, broad way. Three ideas are implied in reconciliation: 1)...

November 1, 2020 Standard Bearer preview article

A letter of comfort to believers*

To all those who suffer persecution for the name of Jesus, greetings.

Grace, peace, and mercy from God our Father through Jesus Christ our Lord, who desires to comfort and strengthen you by His Holy Spirit in the midst of the trials and afflictions of this miserable world, in order that you might not faint, but instead persevere with great steadfastness of heart in the grace in which you were called, casting the anchor of your hope upon Jesus, who reigns in heaven at the right hand of the Father Almighty, who does not allow a single hair of our head to fall to the earth apart from His will (Matt 10:29–31). He alone does all He pleases, and wills nothing which shall not serve to His own honor and glory and to the salvation, edification, and consolation of His elect, for whom He makes all things work for good (Rom. 8:28).


The Old Testament contains the word hypocrite thirteen times. It derives from a word which has the root meaning of moral filth; soiled with sin; impious; hypocrite. The New Testament has twenty-five occurrences of this word, over half of them in the discourses of Jesus. The root meaning is to speak or act under a false part; to act under an assumed character; a stage player; dissembler; pretender. A hypocrite is a man who lives the lie, for he is not what he seems to others to be; there is a significant difference between what he is at heart and what he appears to be overtly and publicly. Israel of Isaiah’s day lived a hypocritical national life with her external, religious exactitude, bringing just the right sacrifices at the right times, offering oblations and incense, keeping new moons, sabbaths, and assemblies. 
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