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RFPA Annual Meeting 2021

The Reformed Free Publishing Association would like to invite everyone to our annual meeting. Professor Brian Huizinga will deliver a timely speech: “2021 in the PRC: Whom the LORD Loveth, He Chasteneth.” The purpose of this speech is to provide a Scriptural understanding of and response to recent significant events that have unfolded in the Protestant Reformed...

Peter (1): Sinfully Deviating From the Guidance of Divine Grace

by Rev. Martyn McGeown  In Canons 5:4 the Reformed faith addresses the question of “lamentable falls” that sometimes occur in the lives of God’s people. One prominent example of a saint who fell lamentably was Peter, whom Canons 5:4 mentions. In the same fifth head of doctrine the Reformed fathers address a number of related topics connected...

“Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc?” Non!, or, “Don’t Kill the Rooster!”

To deny the preceding faith in God’s grand work of justification and to negate the preceding repentance in His gracious work of remission of sins are serious indeed. Such is the necessary relation in these two-fold works of God that without preceding repentance there is no remission, and without preceding faith there is no justification. Remission is by means of (preceding) repentance; justification is by means of (preceding) faith; God’s drawing nigh to us is by means of our (preceding) drawing nigh to Him. Jesus said so. Peter taught so. Paul proclaimed so. James declared so. The Canons of Dordt and the “Declaration of Principles” confess so.
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