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Book Review - Reformed Lord's Supper Form

The following review was written by Dan Key, a member of Grandville PRC church, on The Reformed Lord’s Supper Form: A Commentary. The book was originally published by Dr. Bastiaan Wielenga in 1913, but has since been translated by Dr. H. David Schuringa and edited by Prof. David J. Engelsma for publication by the RFPA. 

Grace Conferred (7): God's Promised Blessing

The duty that the Canons have in mind is the duty of preaching and the duty of listening and taking heed to the gospel with its admonitions (and never forget that the preaching comes also to the preacher; he not only preaches to the congregation, but he also preaches to himself). The word duty (officium) could be translated as office, but its meaning is wider than that.

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