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“Through Many Dangers” - COMING EARLY OCTOBER!

The Battle of Tebbs Bend: "One of the most outstanding small victories in the Civil War” ~ historian James Ramage. Are you familiar with the Battle of Tebbs Bend? Read an excerpt from chapter 20 below of Though Many Dangers by P.M. Kuiper to learn about this major victory for the 25th Michigan Infantry Regiment, the Dutch...

Rev. Jason L. Kortering: In memoriam

This one from his first round of family visitation. One of those visits he recalled clearly, even after 50 years. It was, he says, with a “nice spiritual family—an older couple.” “Are you edified by the word?” he asked. “No!” “No?” “No, you take away all our comfort.” (No wonder that the recollection of that visit remained vivid years later!) “I thought, What? I’m preaching my heart out—and taking away all their comfort?” Not knowing, at the moment, what they were talking about, young Rev. Kortering asked them for an explanation. “Well, they did some explaining. And it went along this line that, ‘when you preach, you call us to do something. And we can’t do anything. So you lead us to complete frustration. We have to do something we can’t do. And we have no comfort.’ I discovered, later on, that that’s very typically antinomian. They saw the Reformed faith to be that Jesus has done it all, and that we have no responsibility. In a certain sense our Split of 1953 had that effect on some people. Rev. Heys told me this. He said, ‘Jay, at the time of the Split, you couldn’t even preach the commands of the Bible without being charged with conditions.’” On reflection, therefore, Rev. Kortering saw the explanation offered by the old couple to be “bad, bad theology. But, as a young preacher, to have someone say that on a first round of family visitation, wow, that set me back. The whole night I couldn’t sleep.”

RFPA Annual Meeting 2021

The Reformed Free Publishing Association would like to invite everyone to our annual meeting. Professor Brian Huizinga will deliver a timely speech: “2021 in the PRC: Whom the LORD Loveth, He Chasteneth.” The purpose of this speech is to provide a Scriptural understanding of and response to recent significant events that have unfolded in the Protestant Reformed...

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