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Christ and His Church Through the Ages: Vol. 1 - A Review

What follows is a review by Rev. Martyn McGeown of Christ and His Church Through the Ages: Vol. 1: The Ancient Church (AD 30-590), written by Herman Hanko. _______________ Dan VanUffelen, teacher of church history at Covenant Christian High School in Michigan USA, with the collaboration of one of the author’s granddaughters and with the help of many others,...

Peter (5): Maintaining an Assurance of Persevering 

What follows is the fifth and final entry of a series of articles written by Rev. Martyn McGeown. The third entry is Peter (4): “Much more careful and solicitous to continue in the ways of the Lord.” _______________ Let us recap: the Canons teach us several important truths about backsliding and recovery. We have been studying Peter as...

Peter (4): “Much more careful and solicitous to continue in the ways of the Lord”

Grace does not make a man passive. Grace makes a man diligent. When a child of God is graciously restored from melancholy falls and delivered from enormous sins, the result is not presumption, as if the child of God thinks that he can walk in the same sins again without God’s chastisement, but even more diligence: “more diligently.” And if he does again become presumptuous, such a child of God is simply provoking God to increase the blows of his rod, so that he “falls[s] into more grievous torments of conscience” (Canons 5:13). Who can contemplate that without trembling?

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