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Responding Appropriately to Chastisement (1): Lifting Up Drooping Hands

Many Christians view chastisement only as painful consequences for specific sins. But chastisement is wider than that. Chastisement is any suffering inflicted by God in love upon his children to teach and to correct them. Even Jesus, God’s perfect Son, was chastised, although not corrected: “he learned obedience by the things which he suffered” (Heb. 5:8). Many of the circumstances of our personal lives, our ecclesiastical lives, and the events in our nation and in the world are sent upon us as chastisement (and upon the wicked world as judgment), not necessarily because we have sinned in some particular way (although we ought not too quickly rule it out), but in order to teach us.

"Biblical Obscurities": Author Mike Velthouse Interviews with Hope RWC

This weekend, spend a few hours with author Mike Velthouse and the Hope RWC podcast! Below, find links to a series of interviews with Mike, in which he discusses four "Biblical Obscurities." Readers may recognize hints of these and other Obscurities articles in his upcoming book, Journey Through the Psalms, a devotional for ages 9–13.

In Memoriam – Herman C. Hanko (1930–2024)

Rarely does God give to his church a ministry of one of his servants like that of Herman C. Hanko. This includes the length of a ministry. Ordained into the gospel ministry in the Protestant Reformed Churches (PRC) in 1955, Hanko was declared emeritus (retired) in 2001. God gave him 46 years of official, active labor in his church.

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