Mysteries of the Kingdom, The (ebook)

An Exposition of Jesus' Parables

by Herman Hanko

Mysteries of the Kingdom, The (ebook)

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The parables form a substantial part of our Savior's ministry, and this is ample reason for us to give good attention to them. With simple and familiar earthly pictures, Jesus tells us what the kingdom of heaven is like.

"The author takes each parable and by careful exegesis opens up its rich seam of spiritual instruction, and gives a faithful and solidly Reformed interpretation. He shows us gospel mysteries of immense beauty, power, encouragement, practical relevance, and everlasting worth for citizens of a kingdom that is not of this world."

  • 432 pages
  • ISBN 978-1-936054-82-4

      ebook version available in .mobi format (for Kindle users) and .epub (all other devices).