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This book teaches children...

  • what God’s law is: his ten words to his people
  • how we obey God's law: by loving him and our neighbor
  • why we keep God's law: to thank him for delivering us from our sin, to be assured that he has made us his children, and more


This book explains and applies each commandment in two to three chapters, covering both what God forbids and requires. Chapters include discussion questions, a Bible memory verse, and a related psalm to be sung.

Read reviews by Judy Joyce (Embracing a Healthy Family), Abby VanSolkema (The Left Fork), Dawn Peluso (Schoolin' Swag), Vanessa Le (The Outlook), and Todd and Nicole Kooienga (The Grandville Gleaner)!

Ronald L. Cammenga is professor of dogmatics and Old Testament studies at the Protestant Reformed Theological Seminary in Wyoming, Michigan. Ten Commandments is his first children's book.

Ana Sebastián is a digital illustrator and visual development artist based in Madrid, Spain. 

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