Gift Registry


The RFPA offers a gift registry, especially for engaged couples but also for young people, seminary students, newlyweds, and new parents. The registry is designed to help young adults and new or young families build a library of Reformed literature, creating a strong foundation for their household.

Let’s get started!
1.    Under each item on our website, there is a  button you can click on to add each item to your Registry
2.    Create your account on "Wishpot" and "Share" your Registry link with us at
3.    We will post your registry link on this page. It will be updated as purchases are made from the registry.
   You will receive an extra 10% off certificate to use on all remaining items on your registry after your wedding date (valid for three months after your wedding date). Also, any doubles received can be returned for a credit to your account.

*You can also email us your list of books, and we will create your Registry for you!


Current Registries: