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Quiz Your Knowledge of the Canons of Dordt (11)

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Canons of Dordt (11)

The RFPA blog editor, Rev. Martyn McGeown, enjoys teaching the creeds in his capacity as pastor of Providence PRC. To that end, he has written a series of quizzes for our blog readers, to test readers' knowledge of the Canons of Dordt. Try them out, test yourselves and your friends and family, and may the questions spur you on to familiarize yourselves with the confessions.

Today, we continue with Heads Three/Four.

Find questions 1 through 25 here

Find questions 26 through 50 here.


Quiz 11 on Canons Heads Three/Four

51. True or false: God promises eternal life to as many as shall come to him and believe in him.

52. True or false: God promises eternal life to everyone, whether they believe or not.

53. True or false: God calls everyone in the gospel because he genuinely desires the salvation of every hearer.

54. True or false: It is the fault of the gospel that many who are called through the preaching do not believe.

55. True or false: God confers upon some unbelievers various gifts, so that some of them are enlightened, taste the heavenly gift, are made partakers of the Spirit, taste the good word of God and the powers of the world to come, but they are never truly converted and saved, but only hardened in their sins so that they perish.

56. True or false: The reason many remain unconverted under the preaching is Christ’s inability to save them.

57. True or false: The fault for the perishing of the unconverted hearers in the parable of the sower lies with them.

58. True or false: Others called by the gospel are converted because of the proper exercise of their freewill.

59. True or false: God has given everyone sufficient grace for faith and conversion.

60. True or false: God has chosen his people from eternity; therefore, they do not need to believe and repent.

61. True or false: God has chosen his people from eternity; therefore, he confers upon them faith and repentance.

62. True or false: God’s purpose in conversion is that we might boast that we made ourselves differ from others.

63. True or false: When God converts us, he causes the gospel to be externally preached to us, and he powerfully illuminates our minds by the Holy Spirit to understand the truth, but he leaves the response to our will.

64. True or false: Faith is not a quality or gift infused by God into the heart and will, but only an act of man.

65. True or false: In conversion God infuses new qualities of faith, obedience, and love into our hearts.

66. True or false: In conversion the operation of God’s Spirit consists only in a gentle advising, which is sufficient to make the natural man spiritual.

67. True or false: The will of man after conversion—our will—is good, obedient, and pliable.

68. True or false: Because our will is now good, obedient, and pliable, we have no more evil lusts and desires.

69. True or false: In regeneration God infuses new qualities into our will so that we bring forth good actions.

70. True or false: After regeneration we are able to do good independently of the grace of God.

71. True or false: In regeneration God actuates our will, that is, he acts upon it so that it becomes itself active.

72. True or false: In the Bible regeneration is likened to creation or the resurrection of the dead.

73. True or false: All in whose hearts God works the grace of regeneration do actually believe.

74. True or false: By the power of the grace of God we believe from the heart and love our Savior, Jesus Christ.

75. True or false: Man is rightly said to believe and repent by virtue of the grace of God. 


Find the answers to these questions here. For more quizzes and other reader activities, visit the RFPA blog next week!


Martyn McGeown is a pastor in the Protestant Reformed Churches. He is also the editor of the RFPA blog and the author of multiple RFPA publications.

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