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In the Beginning God

In the Beginning God
This short, little book started as three public lectures by Prof. Homer Hoeksema. He gave these speeches in the 1960s when the teachings of evolutionism, especially theistic evolutionism, were finding their way into Reformed churches and schools‚ÄĒespecially colleges.

The conflict between creationism and evolutionism has not gone away. In fact, it has only increased. Today theistic evolutionism is taught uncontested in most Christian institutions. Read More

Book Review (continued): In the Beginning God, Chapter 3

Chapter Three This chapter was probably the one I most liked and resonated with throughout the book.  My sense is that Hoeksema’s own understanding and study of the topic shifted as he prepared for his speeches, but perhaps it also reflects a shift in my own opinion or expectation that made me increasingly favorable to Hoeksema's views and ways of expressing them.  In any case, I had expected a lot of outdated arguments and poor apology for creationism, as well as...

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Book Review (continued): In the Beginning God, Chapter 2

Chapter Two I am somewhat concerned that Hoeksema is setting up false dichotomy when he speaks of "the relation between creation and science's claims" (pg. 42).¬† Strictly speaking, science does not make claims‚ÄĒpeople make claims.¬† Unbelieving secular scientists make claims from many of the same pieces of data that believing scientists analyze.¬† The difference is all about interpretation, not the science per se.¬† By using this wording, a certain view of scientists becomes apparent.¬† That is, "they" are something other than...

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Book Review (continued): In the Beginning God, Chapter 1

Chapter One Hoeksema's thoughts regarding the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture are well-stated and solid points.  I think that they ring true with regards to defending the truth of Scripture against secular atheist attempts to overthrow the Bible's authority with regards to interpreting the creation record.  However, for the most part, proponents of theistic evolution would agree with what Hoeksema is saying; that is, they do not deny the infallibility of Scripture.  Instead, the major issue of controversy is how to...

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Book Review: In the Beginning God

As the guest blogger here for the RFPA it is my privilege to welcome another guest, Dr. Brendan Looyenga.  Dr. Looyenga is an associate professor in the chemistry and biochemistry department of Calvin College.  He is also a member of the congregation I have the privilege of pastoring, Faith PRC in Jenison, MI.  Over the course of probably four installments we will be posting Dr. Looyenga’s comments on In The Beginning, God by Rev. Homer C. Hoeksema.  The reader should know that...

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