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In the Beginning God

In the Beginning God
This short, little book started as three public lectures by Prof. Homer Hoeksema. He gave these speeches in the 1960s when the teachings of evolutionism, especially theistic evolutionism, were finding their way into Reformed churches and schools—especially colleges.

The conflict between creationism and evolutionism has not gone away. In fact, it has only increased. Today theistic evolutionism is taught uncontested in most Christian institutions. Read More

Is Evolution Biblically Acceptable? The Question of Genesis 1

                                     The article linked above is the first in what is slated to be a series of articles by Pastor Rick Phillips about the incompatibility of the theory of evolution with the Bible. Phillips explains that the occasion for this series of articles is a report that Biologos (a supposedly Christian organization that aggressively and intolerantly promotes the theory of evolution) is spending $3.6...

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