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Coming soon! Book #3 in the Reformed Spirituality series....

Coming soon! Book #3 in the Reformed Spirituality series....


All Glory to the Only Good God

Available early September 2013! 


The third book in the Reformed Spirituality series, this book again consists of meditations by Protestant Reformed minister and theologian, Herman Hoeksema. The meditations in this volume have in common their living, breathing zeal for the glory of the good God. God is only good-- good in himself; good in creation; good in salvation; good in Christ; good to his elect people.

All Glory to the Only Good GodHoeksema warns against two misconceptions concerning zeal in spirituality. The first error claims that zeal for the glory of God has nothing to do with ardor for spirituality (which is the experience of salvation). The second error implies that spirituality is at odds with doctrine, alluding to the idea that those interested in sound doctrine have little interest in spirituality and vice versa.

This set of beautiful meditations demonstrate that genuine spirituality rises from and ends in the glory of God, for the zeal of the soul for God's glory is the most profound spirituality. And because the Spirit works spirituality by sound doctrine, spirituality exists and flourishes by means of sound instruction in biblical, Reformed doctrine.

Don't miss the first two volumes of this wonderful series, available in both print and eBook formats!Click here to order book #1, Peace for the Troubled Heart, and click here for book #2, Communion with God.

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