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Do you have a birthday, anniversary, or graduation coming up? We remind you that books make great gifts! We have books for kids, teens, and adults. Or, give a year-long gift of the Standard Bearer magazine (for only $29!).

You’ve resolved to read more…we have the reading material!

You’ve resolved to read more…we have the reading material!

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RFPA books make great gifts!

Give the gift of books this Christmas season!

Visit the RFPA website for a selection of over 80 titles to choose from!
Don't know what books to get? The RFPA also has gift certificates available in any amount. They can be ordered online, by phone, or by email.

Order His Mercy Endureth Forever and get
Come, Ye ChildrenGottschalk, or T is for Tree 
at an additional 10% off!

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Gold Star Membership

Did you know that the RFPA publishes more books than the four new book club releases that we send to book club members each year?

For example, just this past year we started reprinting Herman Hoeksema’s Lenten meditations from When I Survey, publishing these meditations in six separate books. The first book, The Amazing Cross, came out earlier this year in March. The second book, The Royal Sufferer, is scheduled to be released in March 2019. We also published a children’s book, T is for Tree, in April 2018. Another children's book will be released mid-December 2018, His Mercy Endureth Forever.

If you would like to receive all of our books, sign up for GOLD STAR membership by calling (616-457-5970) or emailing (, and we’ll add you to the growing list of people who receive all of our new publications.



Micah has arrived in house!

Rev. McGeown's book Micah: Proclaiming the Incomparable God has arrived! And our packers are busy at it this morning getting out the books to our book club members. 


More RFPA books have arrived in the Philippines!

In early August we sent a shipment of books to the Philippines—seven large boxes. Last week we received an email from Sharon Kleyn, wife of missionary Rev. Daniel Kleyn:

“We received the big shipment! I managed to get it all put away in one day and we managed to fit it in our shelves. (It helps that we recently bought two more big shelves.) Everything was in great shape.  Thanks for all the work of putting it together and getting it here. The shelves are jam-packed full, but I still would like to place a new order. By the time this new order arrives we will have sold a bunch again, I’m sure.”

The next order of three large boxes will be picked up from our warehouse on November 2.

“They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily…” Acts 17:11b


The Importance of Doctrine

Doctrine is not highly regarded anymore. In many evangelical churches there is such ignorance of doctrine that even the fundamentals of Christianity are not well understood. Even in churches that remain faithful in their teaching and preaching, there is often little interest in learning and understanding doctrine. The youth are, for the most part, bored by it, and their elders are content with a superficial knowledge of the doctrines of the Reformed faith.

Very often the symptom of this lack of doctrine is a constant agitation for more “practical” preaching and teaching along with a greater emphasis on liturgy and on the other parts of the worship service until the sermon is all but squeezed out. On the part of the preachers themselves, one finds less and less biblical exposition and more and more illustration, storytelling, and entertainment.

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VIDEO of the RFPA Annual Meeting 2018: "The RFPA, the CPRC, and the Spread of the Truth"

2018 RFPA Annual Meeting

"The RFPA, the CPRC, and the Spread of the Truth"
Rev. Angus Stewart

Date given: 09-27-2018

Location: Grace Protestant Reformed Church (Grand Rapids, MI)


TONIGHT! RFPA Annual Meeting: "The RFPA, the CPRC, and the Spread of the Truth"

The RFPA Annual Meeting is TONIGHT at Grace PR Church starting at 7:30pm! Rev. Stewart, pastor of Covenant PR Church of Northern Ireland, will speak on “The RFPA, the CPRC*, and the Spread of the Truth.” All cordially invited to attend the meeting. For those who live out of state, the event will be livestreamed through Grace PR Church's website.

*Covenant Protestant Reformed Church


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