More RFPA books have arrived in the Philippines!

In early August we sent a shipment of books to the Philippines—seven large boxes. Last week we received an email from Sharon Kleyn, wife of missionary Rev. Daniel Kleyn:

“We received the big shipment! I managed to get it all put away in one day and we managed to fit it in our shelves. (It helps that we recently bought two more big shelves.) Everything was in great shape.  Thanks for all the work of putting it together and getting it here. The shelves are jam-packed full, but I still would like to place a new order. By the time this new order arrives we will have sold a bunch again, I’m sure.”

The next order of three large boxes will be picked up from our warehouse on November 2.

“They received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily…” Acts 17:11b

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