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The Voice of Our Fathers

The Voice of Our Fathers

Available Summer 2013 in print and eBook formats!

Perhaps you've noticed that the popular commentary on the Canons of Dordrecht, The Voice of Our Fathers, has been out of print for well over a year. We're pleased to announce the new revised edition will be available this summer in both print and eBook formats!


This book is an extensive commentary on the articles drawn up by the great Synod of Dordrecht (1618–19). The articles stated and defended the doctrines of sovereign grace and rejected the Arminian error of free will. The Canons thereby resolved a raging controversy in the Dutch Reformed Churches concerning the sovereign grace of God.

This revised second edition features improved readability while maintaining the meaning and substance of the material.


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Price for The Voice of Our Fathers:
    $49.95 (Retail)
    $32.47 (Book Club)

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