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Battle for Sovereign Grace...

Battle for Sovereign Grace...

Next month marks the 60th anniversary of the schism of 1953 within the Protestant Reformed Churches (PRC), the culmination of the hard fought battle for sovereign grace in the covenant. Delve into this history with David J. Engelsma's new book, slated for release next month!

The Battle for Sovereign Grace in the Covenant recounts much of the gripping history of the schism, including new, important details that have not been previously published. The book also provides the history of the controversial adoption by the PRCA of the Declaration of Principles, the document that in some ways occasioned the schism of 1953. In the appendices of the book, Engelsma gives a brief, valuable commentary on the Declaration, the first commentary to be written.

Look for this new book in June 2013! And in case you haven't heard, this book will be available not only in print but also as an eBook. Click here for more details on the new great benefits to Book Club members.

**UPDATE** Battle for Sovereign Grace in the Covenant is now available for purchase in both print and eBook formats!



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