Bringing the Books to Eager Readers

 A new release always means a new mess. In a good way, of course. A cluttered packing room indicates eager readers! When the pallets of books arrive from the printer, the Book Club members get first priority and the packing room gets a little messy.

(Rachel comes and helps pack the Book Club books each time a new book is released.)  

(Rachel comes and helps pack the Book Club books each time a new book is released.)

Every member receives one copy of each new book at the Book Club discount price (30-35% off) and FREE shipping. More than 1200 members from around the world enjoy these perks and should receive the new book in their mailboxes within the next week or two. (If you'd like to learn more about the benefits of joining the Book Club, click here.)

There are a number of Book Club members within the Protestant Reformed Churches, and those members receive their books via a Book Club Agent who serve each specific congregation. This makes packing and shipping 1200 books just a little bit easier and much more cost effective. Our Book Club Agents are a big thank you to them for their help with distribution! 

Boxes of A Defense of the Church Institutue, ready for distribution to Book Club members in various congregations via the Book Club Agents.

(Boxes of A Defense of the Church Institute packed and ready for distribution via the Book Club Agents)

If you're wondering what's happening with the mess in the packing room—it will stay a mess a little longer. We just received an order from the Philippines for 275 books of various titles! Stay tuned....We'll be posting pictures of that mess a little later.