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New Release Responds to Critics of Its Prequel

New Release Responds to Critics of Its Prequel

The newest book release, titled A Defense of the Church Institute by David J. Engelsma, is a defense of the author's controversial book (Bound to Join) that took issue with the deteriorating view of church membership in the 21st century.

Criticism of the position Engelsma takes in Bound to Join has come from Christians who reject the idea of church membership, preferring to live apart from other saints. Surprisingly, criticism has also come from Reformed and Presbyterian Christians who claim that true believers' membership in the invisible church excuses nonmembership in an instituted church.

In A Defense of the Church Institute, Engelsma defends the doctrine and practice of church membership, demonstrating that love for the invisible, universal church expresses itself by love for the manifestation of this church in the local congregation and denomination. The author also examines the growing "house church" movement and the teaching of Harold Camping that the church age has ended.

A Defense of the Church Institute is now available for $17.95. (Join the Book Club now to save 30-35% + FREE shipping!)

Oh, and if you missed Bound to Join, now's the time to snag this book! It's on sale now for only $15.00 ($9.75 for Club members and $10.50 for International Club members).


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