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Philippines Book Order

Philippines Book Order

The first part of a large book order placed by the Philippines Bookstore, run by Rev. Daniel Kleyn and his wife Sharon.

The books in the previous photo filled up 2 of these large shipping boxes. The second part of the order sits on top waiting to be packed into a smaller half-size box. These 3 boxes were filled with 254 Reformed books. They were shipped this past Tuesday and go by sea freight which usually takes 2 months for the boxes to arrive at their destination.
It is always quite something to see this many books being sent to this part of the world. The printed page is being spread to the four corners of the world!
We recall to mind the speech that Rev. Smit gave this past year at the RFPA Annual Meeting, "The Role of Reformed Literature in Foreign Missions". Read the full speech here as published in the Standard Bearer magazine.

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