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The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

The Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness

Faithfulness is Success

One of the questions at the end of chapter 8 of The Fruit of the Spirit of Jesus Christ which discusses the fruit of the Spirit called faithfulness asks, “in what ways are we prone to become weary in well-doing?”  A common reason for discouragement is lack of success.  Why expend the effort if the desired result does not come to fruition?  

The repeated admonitions brought by elders seem only to be met with stubborn resistance.  The hard work expended by a Christian man to provide for his family and for kingdom of God doesn’t seem to get him anywhere.  The mother works to keep the home in order only to see her work undone in a short amount of time by unappreciative husband and children.  The loving rebuke of a friend that you didn’t want to bring but knew you had to is met with anger and may mean a relationship is ended.  

Success, as we define it to mean that we obtain the objective we desire, seems unattainable.  Why then should we do our duty?   Why not throw in the towel?  We are reminded by Scripture that we are called to be faithful not successful.  

In chapter 8 Rev. Smit provides a helpful explanation of faithfulness.   For your own benefit read:

Pg. 116 for a definition of faithfulness.
Pgs. 116-119 for a discussion of Christ’s faithfulness.
Pgs. 119-120 for an intriguing list of saints noted for faithfulness in the Bible.  
Pgs. 119-122 for a discussion of the faithfulness required of office-bearers and their wives, children, employees.
Pgs 123 for a warning against unfaithfulness.
Pgs. 124-125 for an explanation of the benefits of faithfulness.


Now what if we do not enjoy immediate benefits when we faithfully perform our duty?  Rev. Smit reminds us that the “faithfulness of the believer to Jesus Christ throughout his life in his station and calling, even unto his last fleeting breath, yields the fruit of a crown of life.”  Faithfulness, even if it does not yield the results we desire in this life, will be rewarded by God in the next life.

Don’t be discouraged.  Leave the results in the hands of God.  Faithfully perform your duties as a servant of Jesus Christ.  In the eyes of God that’s success.  


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This article was written by guest blogger Rev. Clayton Spronk, pastor of Peace Protestant Reformed Church in Lansing, IL. Rev. Spronk will be blogging for us several times a month, taking us first through a brief study of Richard Smit's newly released book, The Fruit of the Spirit of Jesus Christ. If there is a topic you'd like to Rev. Spronk to address, please contact us.

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