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Reformed Literature Headed for the Philippines

This stack of books has been cleared from the packing room. More than 275 books are on their way to the Philippines! (All the books stacked on the packing room counter, ready to be packed.) Rev. Daniel Kleyn and his wife, Sharon, (missionaries representing the Protestant Reformed Churches in America) have been selling our books in the Philippines for the past several years. If you live in the Philippines and are wanting Reformed literature or are interested in making contact with...

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Bringing the Books to Eager Readers

 A new release always means a new mess. In a good way, of course. A cluttered packing room indicates eager readers! When the pallets of books arrive from the printer, the Book Club members get first priority and the packing room gets a little messy.   (Rachel comes and helps pack the Book Club books each time a new book is released.) Every member receives one copy of each new book at the Book Club discount price (30-35% off) and FREE...

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New Release Responds to Critics of Its Prequel

The newest book release, titled A Defense of the Church Institute by David J. Engelsma, is a defense of the author's controversial book (Bound to Join) that took issue with the deteriorating view of church membership in the 21st century. Criticism of the position Engelsma takes in Bound to Join has come from Christians who reject the idea of church membership, preferring to live apart from other saints. Surprisingly, criticism has also come from Reformed and Presbyterian Christians who claim that...

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RFPA Update Spring 2012

  [Best if opened in IE or FireFox]  Articles in this Issue: The Next Five Years: Our Use of God's Good Gifts Annual Meeting Recap In Review: Covenant and Election in the Reformed Tradition A Word from our Readers...

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RFPA Update Winter 2011

  [Best if opened in IE or FireFox]   Articles in this Issue: On Writing and Purpose: And Interview with Herman Hanko RFPA Annual Meeting In Review: Bound to Join Largest Order in the History of the RFPA A Word from our Readers

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RFPA Update Winter 2010

   [Best if opened in IE or FireFox]   Articles in this Issue: France and Other Adventures: Who is Annemie? By Paula and Rachel Kamps The History of the RFPA 1960 to the Present: From Periodicals and Pamphlets to Books. The RFPA Annual Meeting Interesting Facts about the RFPA Conferences Attended Book Review on The Reformed Faith of John Calvin: The Institutes in Summary by David J. Engelsma

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