“Remembering how God helped [Katie Luther] may help you when God sends hard trials into your life"

“This story impressed upon me the importance of godly friendships, especially among Christian women. It also encouraged me in my work. Sometimes God calls his children to serve him in the study, in the pulpit, and in the courtroom, as he did Martin Luther. Sometimes he calls his children to serve him by bearing children, caring for the sick, and butchering chickens, as he did Luther’s wife.

Sometimes he calls them even in their elder years to take up their pen and write for the love of the generations who follow them, as he did Mrs. Casemier, whom her friend calls the “Grandma Moses” of writing. I am glad he did.”

—Sarah Mowery, children’s and youth literature reviewer, Perspectives in Covenant Education   


A book by Herman Hoeksema on prayer

I must know him, the only true God, in order to be able to pray at all. But I cannot know him out of myself, I cannot find him out...Only he can make known to me who he is, and what he is. Hence I must begin to let him speak to me before I can even begin to speak to him. This he does in his word, in the holy scriptures.—In the Sanctuary, p. 12

Using the perfect model prayer given by Jesus, this book teaches the requirements of a true prayer. The author explains that because prayer is given to us by the Holy Spirit and because it is a time of fellowship with God in his sanctuary, we must pray in a God-honoring way.


NEW ebook—a Lenten devotional

Rejected of Men

“Who did not know Jesus of Nazareth? Throughout the land his fame was spread abroad. His name was on the lips of high and low, of rich and poor, of the common people and of those that sat in high places.

But he was despised of men. He was considered a worthless fellow, a good for nothing, who was not fit to live in decent and civilized society. No one would offer him a place in the world, or furnish him with a recommendation.”

Rejected of Men is the third part of Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s Lenten anthology, 'When I Survey.' This book lays out the sufferings of Jesus Christ at the hands of sinners. He became a stranger to his brethren, and he was reproached by the ungodly, cast out by his own, and even denied by his disciples.

The Son of God bore innumerable reproaches at the hands of men in order that we might have life with him.


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God’s Goodness Always Particular

This book is Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s defense of particular grace over against the teaching of common grace, set forward by the Rev. Daniel Zwier in the periodical De Wachter. In the 1930s Rev. Zwier attempted to show how a denial of common grace was unscriptural. He charged that Rev. Hoeksema and those who followed him were guilty of rationalism, faulty exegesis, and bad theology.

Read and gain new appreciation for the truth that God’s goodness is always particular.


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March 15, 2020 Standard Bearer preview article

The covenant of God and our mission to the world

The covenant of God.

Our mission to the world.

How often have we thought about these highly sig­nificant biblical concepts together? How often, when discussing one, have we been led to discuss the other? How deeply has our thinking penetrated into the glorious realities and urgent callings that lie at the inter­section of these truths? It is the humble opinion of this writer that there is room for growth in our understand­ing of the relation between these marvelous truths of Scripture. The burden of this and subsequent articles will be an attempt to develop the relation between them as it is set forth in the Word of God.


Family Visitation (concluded)

The interrogation of family visiting must cover every phase of life. In addition to the civil and social sphere, discussed in our last writing, the following should be considered: 

(2) The Family Life: “Dwell on the condition of family life. Begin with the head of the family and then you might ask whether family worship is faithfully maintained, family prayers uttered, the scriptures read at stated times each day with the family and its truths commented upon and considered. If the answers to these inquiries is negative, there is room for admonition. Bind upon his heart his calling in this respect and encourage him as much as possible to fulfill it.” (G.M.O.)


Coming soon: Letters from Katie Luther—preorder today!

The story of Katherine Luther, told through her letters and the memories of her best friend, Ave.

As the wife of Martin Luther and mother to six children, Katie learns that Jehovah holds the hand of the believing child of God in the trials of faith and comforts her in every affliction. 

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Family Visitation (Method)

Perhaps one of the most difficult aspects of the work of family visiting is the selection of the proper and most effective method. On the one hand, careful attention must be given that there is some definite system and order followed in this work with a view to attaining its spiritual objective. Unless this is done, the work, haphazardly done, will prove to be fruitless. On the other hand, however, the same caution must be taken to avoid making this work a matter of formal routine. The members of the family are then simply confronted with a list of prepared questions; answers are hastily heard and the visit is considered completed. Such formal legalism, however systematic it may be, affords little spiritual benefit. This method is no improvement over the complete lack of system. Both are extremely dangerous and must be scrupulously avoided in selecting a proper method for the performance of this work. To find a method that is entirely free from both errors is not the simplest matter. 

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March 1, 2020 Standard Bearer preview article

“And the word of the Lord came unto Jonah the second time, saying, Arise, go unto Nineveh, that great city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid thee.” Jonah 3:1–2

The second time! God’s word came to Jonah the second time! Do we realize the wonder of that? The wonder of the amazing grace of God? For in these verses we see that God not only recovered His errant, run-away servant in the way of working repentance within him and forgiving him for what he had done, but also that He restored him to the office of prophet and recommissioned him to do His precious work of bringing His gospel message to Nineveh.


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