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RFPA Annual Meeting 2016 -

RFPA Annual Meeting 2016 - "Lord Grant Boldness": The RFPA's Witness in the Sexual Revolution


Western society is presently in the grips of a powerful revolution. This is a revolution of massive scope and earth-shaking consequences. It is a sexual revolution, a revolution proudly trumpeting fornication, homosexuality, transgenderism, and the like. What are the origins of this revolution? How does it show itself in the present? What is the future of it? And then, what is the calling of the RFPA in the face of this revolution?

Mark your calendars to attend the RFPA Annual meeting September 29, 2016 at 7:30 pm at Providence Protestant Reformed Church, 1569 44th St SW, Hudsonville MI 49426.

Men, women, and young people are welcome! 

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