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A book by Herman Hoeksema on prayer

A book by Herman Hoeksema on prayer

I must know him, the only true God, in order to be able to pray at all. But I cannot know him out of myself, I cannot find him out...Only he can make known to me who he is, and what he is. Hence I must begin to let him speak to me before I can even begin to speak to him. This he does in his word, in the holy scriptures.—In the Sanctuary, p. 12

Using the perfect model prayer given by Jesus, this book teaches the requirements of a true prayer. The author explains that because prayer is given to us by the Holy Spirit and because it is a time of fellowship with God in his sanctuary, we must pray in a God-honoring way.


  1. True Prayer
  2. The Principles of the Lord’s Prayer
  3. Addressing Our Father in Heaven
  4. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  5. Thy Kingdom Come
  6. Thy Will Be Done
  7. The Prayer for Bread
  8. Father, Forgive!
  9. The Prayer Against Temptation
  10. Deliver Us From Evil
  11. The Doxology

Rev. Hoeksema draws us into the deeply reverent attitude required to enter God’s presence and as reader we are compelled to exclaim, “Lord, so teach me always to pray in accordance with Thy will!”

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