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“Remembering how God helped [Katie Luther] may help you when God sends hard trials into your life

“Remembering how God helped [Katie Luther] may help you when God sends hard trials into your life"

Coming April 2020!

“This story impressed upon me the importance of godly friendships, especially among Christian women. It also encouraged me in my work. Sometimes God calls his children to serve him in the study, in the pulpit, and in the courtroom, as he did Martin Luther. Sometimes he calls his children to serve him by bearing children, caring for the sick, and butchering chickens, as he did Luther’s wife.

Sometimes he calls them even in their elder years to take up their pen and write for the love of the generations who follow them, as he did Mrs. Casemier, whom her friend calls the “Grandma Moses” of writing. I am glad he did.”

—Sarah Mowery, children’s and youth literature reviewer, Perspectives in Covenant Education     



Letters from Katie Luther is a fictionalized biography for ages ten and up about Katherine Luther, told through Katie’s letters and the memories of her best friend, Ave (pronounced "Ah-vay").

The Lord gave Katie many joys as a wife and mother, but he was also pleased to send her and her family many trials of faith. Through it all Katie learns that Jehovah holds the hand of the believing child of God and comforts her in every affliction. 

Shirley Casemier is a retired Christian school teacher. 

She lives in Zeeland, Michigan and attends

First Protestant Reformed Church of Holland, Michigan. 


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