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Coming to 2100 mailboxes near you...

Coming to 2100 mailboxes near you...

Well, not necessarily near you. The next issue of the Standard Bearer is heading to mailboxes all over the world. Hopefully, to yours. If not, order your subscription today! This periodical is a must-have in every Reformed household.

Ever wonder how the Standard Bearer is mailed? Here's a short little demonstration in pictures...

1. First, we stage the copies of the Standard Bearer on the work table for easy access. Then Tim and Paula work on exporting our current subscriber list from our customer manager database and loading the list into the mailing software.

2. Tim (sometimes Paula) runs the addressing printer which rapidly feeds each individual copy of the Standard Bearer through, printing the addresses and postage on each copy. The software sorts the addresses according to zip code, with short pauses between. Each group then gets bundled together with rubberbands.

3. The bundles are then placed in USPS issued bags, labeled with tags showing how many pieces are in each bag. Tim then loads up the bags and brings them down to the local post office.

We just sent out the April 1 issue today. Look for it in your mailbox midweek next week!

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