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What's in the August issue of the Standard Bearer....?

Editorial | Our Church Order, Psalms, and HymnsStrength of Youth| "To Teach Them to War": Warfare—A Clear Scriptural Imperative (2)All Around Us | The Movie: Son of God Visit the Standard Bearer Archives to view past issues.

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The Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate

(Article written by Rev. Clay Spronk from the May 15, 2014 issue of The Standard Bearer) On February 4 “the science guy” Bill Nye, representing the evolutionist perspective, and Ken Ham, representing the creationist perspective, debated the question, “Is creation a viable model of origins in today’s modern scientific era?” The debate was live-streamed on the Internet and watched by a large audience. I didn’t find any reports about the size of the audience, but I assume it numbered in the thousands....

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Did you know?

The RFPA published the 1st issue of the RFPA Update in Sept. 1998.   View the very 1st issue here:  Its purpose, as stated in the very 1st RFPA Update issue: "...to inform subscribers to its Standard Bearer, buyers of its books, and members of the RFPA about the association and its many endeavors. "Another purpose is to encourage men who live in the area of Grand Rapids, MI to become members of the RFPA at the annual meeting."In the interim between...

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Special Issue on Psalm Singing

Singing the Psalms There are in brief three things that our Lord has commanded us to observe in our spiritual assemblies, namely, the Preaching of his Word, the public and solemn prayers, and the administration of his sacraments. As to the public prayers, these are of two kinds: some are offered by means of words alone, the others with song.... We know by experience that song has great force and vigor to move and inflame the hearts of men to invoke...

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What's in the the March 15 Standard Bearer?

Read these articles and more in the upcoming March 15 issue of The Standard Bearer. Not a subscriber? Purchase an eSubscription or a hard copy subscription today!   Meditation | Godliness for Officebearers   "Officebearers must be able to say: Do as I do. Follow my example." O Come Let Us Worship | The Reading of the Law in Worship   "...in the covenantal dialogue, God is speaking to us, declaring His sovereignty over us. He is placing upon us His holy Law...

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Know the standard, and follow it - Read the Standard Bearer.

Are you a subscriber to The Standard Bearer? If not, subscribe today for $10.50 at the new subscriber rate!  What other readers are saying: "...we cherish [the] magazine." "I love reading the Standard Bearer. Many articles I read twice. I always look forward to seeing the next one come in the mail box." "The Standard Bearer is a must-read for any individual interested in the truth of the gospel, and is a staple of my reading diet."     Also take the time...

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Covenant, Antithesis and the Secession: A Response to Rev. Nathan Langerak

We thought this response to a recent Standard Bearer article written by Rev. Nathan Langerak, "The Juggernaut of Apostasy" (December 1, 2013 SB issue) would be of interest to our readers. Click on the link below to read the response written by Wes Bredenhof: http://yinkahdinay.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/covenant-antithesis-and-the-secession-a-response-to-rev-nathan-langerak/

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Coming soon to your mailbox...

Looking forward to receiving the February 1 issue of the Standard Bearer? Here's a taste of what's to come in the next issue of our Reformed magazine: All Around Us | Biblical Patriarchy Not Biblical   "The goal of biblical patriarchy is an earthly goal, an earthly kingdom of earthly power with earthly riches. It is uninterested in the spiritual kingdom of Jesus Christ with its cross and marked absence of earthly power and riches." Special Article | The Sacrifice of Thanksgiving  ...

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RFPA Update Fall 2013

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Schism of 1953 within the Protestant Reformed Churches. In the newest issue of the RFPA Update, learn about the role of the Standard Bearer throughout the schism and read a review of our most recent book publication which also details much of the history of the schism. Click here for to view the entire Update as a PDF.     The SB and the PRC: A Trumpet Blast and Reformed Testimony by Prof....

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Perversion, Praise, and Promises: Sneak Peak at the Next Issue of the Standard Bearer

Looking forward to receiving the September 1 issue of the Standard Bearer? Here's a taste of what's to come in the next issue of our Reformed magazine: Editorial | The Persistent Sanctioning of Sexual Sins by Reformed Churches "Our stand on sexual intimacy and marital faithfulness has direct bearing on our view of the church's relationship to Christ, and of his relationship to us." O Come Let Us Worship | Praising the Lord in the Congregation:The Element of Singing    ...

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Encouraging the Next Generation to Read

RFPA Annual Meeting September 19, 2013  |  Georgetown Protestant Reformed Church  |  7:30 p.m. Save the date for the RFPA Annual Meeting! This year's keynote address will be given by Rev. Brian Huizinga, pastor of Hope Protestant Reformed Church in Redlands, California. Rev. Huizinga will present Encouraging the Next Generation to Read "Reading has a significant place in the covenant of grace as an instrument of God for the fulfilling of His promises," said Rev. Huizinga. "We must share the conviction...

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Coming to 2100 mailboxes near you...

Well, not necessarily near you. The next issue of the Standard Bearer is heading to mailboxes all over the world. Hopefully, to yours. If not, order your subscription today! This periodical is a must-have in every Reformed household. Ever wonder how the Standard Bearer is mailed? Here's a short little demonstration in pictures... 1. First, we stage the copies of the Standard Bearer on the work table for easy access. Then Tim and Paula work on exporting our current subscriber list...

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NEW! eSubscriptions Now Available!

Are you a digital junkie? Do you have a long commute or do you travel frequently for work? Does your Standard Bearer issue always seem to arrive after the publication date? Then the eSubscription to the Standard Bearer is perfect for you!   Read the latest issue easily from your mobile device or computer in a number of formats (eBook, PDF, or FlippingBook). Click here to subscribe today. (Oh, and current hardcopy subscribers, you qualify for a half-priced eSubscription. Click here...

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