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The Errors of Arminianism

The Errors of Arminianism

In 1618-1619 the Great Synod composed and adopted the Canons of Dordrecht in response to the Arminian heresy. In five heads or chapters the Synod set forth the truth of scripture often referred to as the five points of Calvinism. The Synod also explained and rejected the errors of Arminianism. In one place the Canons describe one of the errors of Arminianism as “bring[ing] again out of hell the Pelagian errors (Head 2, Rejection of Errors 3). Arminianism is alive and well today. So I point you to Eric Davis’s article entitled Arminianism and Its Hazards. You will have to click on the link to read the article in full. Below are the six “hazards … which are,” according to Davis, “consequent of Arminian teaching.”

  1. Harming the plain sense of a large amount of scripture.
  2. Tending towards salvation by works.
  3. Exalting man’s ability to reason over the plain sense of God’s word.
  4. Forbidding God from doing as he wishes.
  5. Disregarding the testimony of church history.
  6. Man shares glory and credit with God for salvation.

For further reading on Arminianism: The Voice of Our Fathers by Prof. Homer Hoeksema.


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