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Monday Devotions: Compassionate Remembrance

Monday Devotions: Compassionate Remembrance

Psalm 103:14 “For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth that we are dust.”

Has he forgotten how frail we are? Rev. Hoeksema says our experience seems to tell us he has. We suffer persecution, sickness, the death of loved ones, and many other things. And all of this comes from God! What does Psalm 103:14 tells us? Rev. Hoeksema writes,

He never forgets.

A load of sickness and pain never breaks the dust-frame of his children because he was forgetful of its frailty and overburdened it. It never breaks accidentally. When it does break it is only because he comes to break it. And when he comes to break that dust-frame, he does so in his mercy and compassion because he know that thus it is best.

He never makes his children bear a load of grief and pain, of sorrow and distress, of tribulation and persecution, without mercifully remembering that the bearing frame is dust. And when the load becomes too heavy for mere dust-children to carry, yet it must be borne, he adds grace to dust and mercifully makes his strength perfect in weakness.

And, oh, what wonders are accomplished when the strength of his marvelous grace is made to sustain the frailty of human dust! Then the Lord’s dust-formed children pass through the fire, and it does not burn them; then floods submerge them, yet they are not drowned; then the night of tribulation can be frightfully dark, yet they rejoice; then suffering day-by-day may be their lot and may wreck their mortal frame, yet they sing,

           Though I am weak God is most high,

            And on his goodness I rely;

            Of all his wonders I will tell,

            And on his deeds my thoughts shall dwell.

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