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Monday Morning Devotions: Sojourning Safely

Monday Morning Devotions: Sojourning Safely

This morning’s excerpt is from chapter 4 of Peace for the Troubled Heart. I am jumping over chapter 3, not because it isn’t worth reading, but only because its theme is similar to chapter 2’s theme. Chapter 4’s theme is Sojourning Safely based on Psalm 105:14, “He suffered no man to do them wrong.” Here is today’s excerpt about God’s care of his sojourning people:

God suffered no man to do them wrong.

He was Abraham’s shield, Isaac’s protector, Jacob’s guide, and Israel’s deliverer. He is the refuge and high tower of all his people throughout their earthly sojourn, and he never fails nor forsakes them.

This is quite sufficient, for he is God almighty.

He ordained all things with a view to the salvation if these sojourning strangers; he made all things with a view to their glorification; he moves and directs all things with a view to the realization of their eternal inheritance. Without him no creature moves. Without him no hateful heart registers another beat; without him no malicious mind contrives a single plan; without him no reviling tongue utters another syllable. No murderous sword strikes a blow, no human power condemns, no human army moves, no devil stirs in the darkness of the abyss, but by his will. No lion roars, no serpent sneaks, no pestilence stalks, no fire burns, no water drowns, no death lurks, but when he allows. If he does not suffer, nothing in all the wide creation stirs.

Still more: when they do move, beat, contrive, speak, strike, sneak, lurk, they do so to serve his purpose. He it is—the Almighty—who suffers no man to do these sojourners wrong.

How safe they are!

Peace, be still!

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