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What must I do…?

What must I do…?

In this editorial we want to touch on a few things that are related to the doctrine of irresistible grace. I fear that we tend to underestimate that truth and its implications, which really is to say, what he, the Holy Spirit, is able to make of a man. We give you exhibit A, Simon Peter—the boastful, self-confident disciple pre-cross, in contrast to the humble, courageous apostle post-Pentecost. When it comes to a believer, the difference could not be more remarkable. We must not underestimate what by virtue of the operations of the Spirit a man becomes, and what the Spirit of grace enables a man to do! 

What we [also] touch on in this editorial are issues that are not only relevant to a proper understanding of the Canons and of the historically defined Reformed faith, but to issues being discussed in the PRC of late, namely, grace and godliness—the life of good works—in the life of the child of God; in particular, how the life of godliness relates to grace, and to faith, and then to the preaching of the gospel itself with its call to faith and godliness.   

—‘What must I do…?’ by Rev. Kenneth Koole in the upcoming October 1, 2018 issue of the Standard Bearer.

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