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Portraits of Faithful Saints

Portraits of Faithful Saints

Martin Luther,

Margaret MacLauchlan, Margaret Wilson,

Maccovius, J. Gresham Machen.


Who are these people, and what do they have in common? They are some of the fifty-two portraits “drawn” for us in Portraits of Faithful Saints by Prof. Herman Hanko.

Read of Luther’s bold defense of the truth at the Diet of Worms. Be humbled by the faithfulness of the two Margarets in their martyrdom. Praise God for his provision of men like Machen to reform the church even in modern times.

Made up of brief biographies of faithful New Testament believers, this book is easy to read and an encouragement to us today, fellow saints born again by the sovereign grace of God!

“To study church history is to come to know the work of God in Christ among his people.”—Hugh L .Williams, foreword to Portraits of Faithful Saints

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