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Knowing God & Man by Herman Hoeksema

Knowing God & Man by Herman Hoeksema

The key to understanding Reformed doctrine, and certainly the theology of Rev. Herman Hoeksema, is found in the title of the first chapter in this book: “God is God.”

. . .Each chapter on God directs the reader’s attention to a different biblical aspect of the sovereign of the universe: God as God, as creator, as Lord, as good, as the living God, and as love.

The seven chapters about man open the biblical teaching about a subject often misinterpreted today. Clear explanation is given concerning man’s covenantal relationship to God, his creation in the image of God, his fall, and his totally depraved nature. . .these also emphasize that God is God.

"Knowing God and Man is an excellent introduction to the author’s theology. Hoeksema’s penetrating analysis provides spiritual food for those hungering and thirsting after God’s righteousness and not their own."—Rev. Jerome Julien, retired minister in the United Reformed Churches of North America.


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