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Did you miss these books during quarantine?

Did you miss these books during quarantine?

Unfolding Covenant History (volume 6): From Samuel to Solomon and Letters from Katie Luther: A Novel are now available!

“This story impressed upon me the importance of godly friendships.”—Sarah Mowery, children’s book reviewer for Perspectives in Covenant Education


“In every chapter [of this book] we are led from the types in their weaknesses and sins to the reality, even to the Lord Jesus Christ and his cross where alone we find our salvation. This book comes highly recommended.”—Rev. Martyn McGeown


If you would like to save on shipping costs for a phone or online order, you can arrange to pickup up your order at our bookstore. We are open Monday–Friday, 9am to 4pm.

Please note: All preorders and automatic book club and Gold Star orders of both of these titles have either been shipped or delivered to book club agents. If you have not received an automatic order by mid-June, please contact us.

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