Letters from Katie Luther preview - Chapter 18: The Plague


August 10, 1527

Dear Ave,

The Black Plague has come to Wittenberg. The professors and students have moved the university to Jena, hoping they would not become ill there. Sir Doctor said he must stay so he will be here for the people who need him. “A shepherd,” he said, “may not leave his flock.” I told him if he stays, so will I, but I did not tell him how frightened I am. What of the baby I carry? What if we become sick and die? And who would take care of our little Hans? I must put my trust in God and live one day at a time. People are terrified. They run from each other and abandon even family members.


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The story of Katherine Luther, told through her letters and the memories of her best friend, Ave.

As the wife of Martin Luther and mother to six children, Katie learns that Jehovah holds the hand of the believing child of God in the trials of faith and comforts her in every affliction. 

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