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Coming this month...The Royal Sufferer

Coming this month...The Royal Sufferer

The Royal Sufferer, the second book in the series of Lenten meditations by Rev. Herman Hoeksema will be available in a few weeks!

As you commemorate Christ’s suffering and death, read this book and meditate on the kingship of  Jesus. He went to the cross, not as a convict or slave, but as a king. Think on him as the king who establishes his kingdom through his death, a king victorious in both his death and resurrection.

This book will NOT be automatically sent to book club members. Only Gold Star* members will automatically receive this title. Or order your copy today!

* What is Gold Star membership?

Did you know that the RFPA publishes more books than the four new titles we send to book club members each year? Just this past year we began reprinting Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s Lenten meditations from When I Survey, publishing these meditations in six separate books. The next book in the series, The Royal Sufferer, will be available this March. In September we will also be publishing Katy, a new children’s book.

If you would like to receive all of our books, sign up for Gold Star membership today! Call 616-457-5970 or email and we’ll add you to the growing list of people who receive all our new publications.

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