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Book review:

Book review: "A useful tool for parents and teens"

Preparing for Dating and Marriage by Cory Griess. Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Don E. Galardi, retired minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

This book is wonderful help for pastors and families who desire to guide young people through their teenage years and beyond. Apart from following Christ, the decision of who to marry is the largest and most consequential decision that human beings make in this life. However, parents may feel ill-equipped to talk about the pertinent aspects of dating with their teen. There is wisdom within the pages of this booklet that will greatly help.

The book is presented as a helpful thirty-one day devotional which is easily inserted into a family worship setting. The main thrust of the book is to create a forum whereby parents can discuss marriage and dating with their teens in a God-honoring way. The goals for dating and marriage are clearly articulated in the opening lessons and followed by an understanding of particular qualities that should be observed in a prospective spouse. During the following days, emphasis is placed upon principles that should undergird the young person’s search for a marriage partner.  It is here that the author draws attention to the necessary sobriety that is required in selecting a potential spouse who will encourage devotion to God. Parental oversight and approval of the dating process is also made clear.

The last week of the devotional is centered upon the dangers that are possible in dating which include lust, idolatry, and false faith on the part of the one to be dated. Teens are challenged to have a clear lens to make an informed evaluation of who to date and what to watch out for while coming to know the potential lifelong partner. During the final days, the author appeals to the story of Ruth and Boaz as an example to follow, which reinforces the entire devotional.

In all, Rev. Griess has addressed a pressing need in the church and provided a useful tool for parents and teens. The world offers many false paths to take in dating while this booklet redirects attention toward the godly purposes for teens who have become interested in the opposite sex. This booklet should become a mainstay for every family who has dating age young people. It is a true help!


Also available in ebook format!

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