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We Fly Away

We Fly Away

We fly away.
A whole year is again past, and we can hardly comprehend it.
Time incessantly advanced. It did not speed up because of our impatience, nor did it slacken its pace because of our haste and because we were so busy. And now we have come to the end of the year. It seems as but yesterday when we wished each other a happy new year.
Truly, we flew away.
Much has happened, many things and in many forms. There was rejoicing and complaining, singing and crying, praying and cursing, hoping and despairing, feasting and gathering in the house of sorrow. There was rejoicing over infants who were born into this world, and there was pain because our way led to the grave as we walked behind the bier of a loved one. There was weariness and misery, drudgery in vanity, struggling and battling onward without victory. There was war; and there was an end to war, but without peace...
But there is light!
There remains a rest for the people of God.
Whosoever believes already partakes of that rest—the rest of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, the rest of the forgiveness of sin, the free free favor of God, of liberty, and of the rest of God's eternal home...
Whosoever flies away with that rest in his heart views the rapid tempo of his earthly life in another light.
He flies away, yes, but toward the eternal house of his Father.
To the rest of God's covenant.
Joyful hope!


We Fly Away, a meditation from Peace for the Troubled Heart by Herman Hoeksema

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