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Thanksgiving Offering

Thanksgiving Offering

Lord, we would bring unto thee a gift of thanks.
But how shall we? What shall we render to the Lord? How shall we appear before thee so that thou wilt not despise us and cast us off? What is the sacrifice of thanksgiving that is pleasing in thy sight and upon which thou wilt look down in love and good pleasure?
A broken spirit. A broken spirit and a contrite heart.
It alone can please thee, who hast no respect to what is merely external, who despisest the foolishness of insignificant and sinful men as they exalt themselves and would requite thee for thy goodness and grace, who desirest truth in the inward parts.
A broken spirit! A spirit cured of the stiffnecked pride and haughtiness of sin. A contrite heart! A heart that is crushed and overwhelmed in deep humiliation, because of a deep sense of God's greatness and power, of his righteousness and holiness, and of our own insignificance and smallness, our corruption and our guilt.
A heart filled with the sorrow after God.
It alone is the sacrifice, O Lord, that is pleasing to thee.
We will, then, approach thee, bringing this sacrifice of thanks.

"Thanksgiving Offering" - Meditation by Herman Hoeksema in Communion with God

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