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Monday Morning Devotions: Rest

Monday Morning Devotions: Rest

Matt. 11:18 “Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

What is Sabbath rest? How can we enjoy Sabbath rest even during the week when we are busy working? Rev. Hoeksema answers these questions (and others) in chapter 7 of Peace for the Troubled Heart. Here is today’s excerpt:

With unrest he fills the heart until every last basis of self-confidence is removed, until from the heart the cry is wrung, “O, God, be merciful unto me, a sinner!”

When all the wisdom and prudence, all the righteousness of works, all self-conceit and self-confidence to carry our own burdens and remove them is uprooted, and the heart longs for a righteousness that is not its own but God’s, he stands forth in all the beauty of his salvation, in all the glory of his power and says, “Weary toiler, it is finished. The task you labor to accomplish is completed. The work is done!”

“It was done for you.”

“Completely finished by me.”

“I will give you rest!”

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