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Pray without ceasing

Pray without ceasing

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(As featured in the Spring issue of the RFPA Update)

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When You Pray (by Herman Hanko) - 192 pages, hardcover

How many Christians can say that they have "mastered" the art of prayer? Probably no one. Yet over the years of one's life, a person can make progress in praying. Hanko shares meaningful lessons he learned from growing up in a covenantal family and community and tells the specific benefits of praying to the sovereign God of the universe, who knows our sins and weaknesses but loves us still.


In the Sanctuary (by Herman Hoeksema) - 116 pages, paperback

Using the perfect model prayer given by Jesus, this book teaches the requirements of a true prayer. The author explains that because prayer is given to us by the Holy Spirit and because it is a time of fellowship with God in his sanctuary, we must pray in a God-honoring way.

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