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A Spiritual House Preserved

A Spiritual House Preserved


A Spiritual House Preserved: A Century in the River's Bend (1916-2016)

This is the story of a church of our Lord Jesus Christ with very humble beginnings on the extreme western edge of Kent County near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Isolated by its location in a hook-like bend in the Grand River she faced many challenges. On one occasion the church’s membership of mostly poor farmers recorded in their minutes, “The question was asked if we were going to continue as a congregation, and the answer was yes.”

With that “yes” recorded in the tenth year of their existence they plodded on as a fledging congregation with little hope for the future. But God is at times a God of little things. Little did they know, or could they have imagined at the time, that God had many more years in store for them: years in which they would face numerous building projects and the regular birth pains of bearing three daughter congregations to address her consistent membership growth.

But this one-hundredth anniversary book of Hope Protestant Reformed Church is more than a record of Hope’s history. More importantly it reveals the secrets of why she continues as a faithful church of our Lord Jesus Christ today: secrets which if heeded gives Hope and like-minded churches hope for tomorrow.

  • edited by Calvin Kalsbeek
  • 752 pages
  • hardcover
  • ISBN 978-1-944555-06-01    
  • Retail: $44.95


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