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Reformed Literature in ebook  Format: FAQ

Reformed Literature in ebook Format: FAQ

Over 50 RFPA titles are now in ebook format!

Our readers have sent us many requests for ebook versions of our distinctive Reformed literature, and we're thrilled to now be offering this new format for a dozen of our most popular titles (with more coming soon).

We love this new medium and it seems that you do, too. Our ebook titles are "flying off the shelves" but we've had a few questions from readers about how to access their ebook once they've made the purchase.

Q. How do I receive or download my ebooks?
A. If you order an ebook, you will receive two emails. The first is an order confirmation from The second contains two file links to download your ebook.

Q. I noticed one link is for a .mobi file and the other is for a .epub file. Which link do I need?
A. The .mobi file link is for Kindle users specifically and the .epub is for all other devices.

Q. How do I download the file to my device?
A. Click the appropriate file link for your device and download it either to your computer (and then transfer to your device via cable or email) or directly to your device, depending on your device’s capability. There are numerous ereader devices and apps and they all work a little differently. If our suggestions don’t work for you, please contact the support service for your device.

Q. Is there a way for my ebook or eSubscription to get pushed automatically to my ereader device?
A. At this time, we do not have an application with this ability. Please see above for suggestions on how to download your ebook file to your device.
Q. Is there a way for me to read my ebook on my PC?
A. To read the epub file, download the reader for your PC from this website:
To read the mobi file, download the reader for your PC from this website:

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