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Why Take Heed to Doctrine?

Why Take Heed to Doctrine?

“If your doctrine is that the whole or part of your righteousness with God is founded upon your good works, then you live your life arrogantly, trying to merit with God and, consequently, have a poor conscience that is continually vexed. If your doctrine is that doctrine is evil, then you, ironically, criticize people who maintain doctrine.

But if your doctrine is the doctrine of Christ that you hear preached, believe by faith, and confess in sincerity, then the Spirit will see to it that you live an active, antithetical, fruitful life. For example, sovereign, eternal election is a lofty subject. When you begin to grasp the truth of your own election by faith, then you do not believe you may safely perpetuate every species of the most atrocious crimes under the sun, but your heart is be overwhelmed, you adore the depths of God’s mercies, cleanse yourself, and walk with a humble heart and willing hands.

We take heed to doctrine. Why? Right doctrine is the foundation for the Christian life.”

—Read more in the upcoming ‘Taking Heed to Doctrine’ rubric by Rev. Brian Huizinga entitled ‘Why?’ in the upcoming March 15, 2018 issue of the Standard Bearer.    

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