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We and Our Children

We and Our Children

"Although baptism is the main thought of all the author writes, this is also a book about the elect people of God, the Christian church in all ages. It is also about their children—hence, We and Our Children. In Reformed, Presbyterian, and Paedobaptist circles the two are—or should be—inseparably connected. In Baptistic circles no such connection exists. The author shows that the connection is provided by the doctrine of the covenant of grace, a truth which counters any idea of a division between the Old and the New Testaments, and which runs like a golden thread through all the pages of scripture from Genesis to Revelation…"


"Read this book carefully, read it thoughtfully, read it prayerfully, and you will find it a mine of information, a river of pleasure, and a source of immense spiritual comfort."—Mr. Tony Horne, deputation speaker for the Trinitarian Bible Society in Scotland


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