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Translations in Focus - I Belong (Spanish)

Translations in Focus - I Belong (Spanish)

This month on the blog, we're looking forward to the RFPA Annual Association meeting in September by highlighting our translations. Today's "translation in focus" is the Spanish translation of I Belong. Read on for a one-chapter excerpt of Yo pertenezco: Catecismo de Heidelberg Pregunta y respuesta 1 para niños (translated by Jorge Carbajal)!


The first page of the chapter features the Heidelberg Catechism Question and Answer 1 in full, with an author's note recommending that parents work through the book together with their children.

The second page features an illustration by Meagan Krosschell, and includes the author's interpretation of the doctrine in language for littles. 

The final page of each chapter sums up the statement of doctrine, including an applicable Bible verse which both parents and children will benefit from committing to memory. 


We celebrate the labor of many hours on the part of author, illustrator, and translator in bringing this and our other wonderful works to life!

Interested in other translations of RFPA works? Check out the website of the Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. The site houses links to Reformed material in dozens of languages, including excerpts of many RFPA materials. 

Interested in the process of translation? The RFPA maintains contracts with many freelance translators in the Reformed world, but we're always looking to add to that list. Follow this link for the CPRC FAQs on translation.


I Belong in the original English is available here
Yo pertenezco está disponible en Amazon aquí here


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