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Through Many Dangers - NOW AVAILABLE!

Through Many Dangers - NOW AVAILABLE!

August 1862. Eighteen-year-old Harm van Wyke finds his quiet life in the Dutch Reformed community of Holland, Michigan, upended by the American Civil War. Harm’s minister, Rev. Albertus van Raalte, encourages the young men of his community to join the Union army. Harm hesitates to leave his home, but when his friends portray the war as a grand adventure, he gives in and joins them.

As Harm and his friends travel to army camps in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and then Louisville, Kentucky, they face daily temptations to forget God and turn from their faith, like gambling, drinking, and theft. The friends gather regularly to sing psalms and discuss the Bible, but on occasion, they stumble and fall.

As the war progresses, the boys from Holland endure an arduous march to east Tennessee and later they take part in General Sherman’s bloody Atlanta campaign. In the midst of the harsh realities of war, Harm’s faith is tried at every turn. But when his greatest conflict turns out to be spiritual, will God give him the strength to stand for what is right, even if he finds himself opposed by friends?


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P.M. Kuiper is a member of the Protestant Reformed Churches. In his free time he enjoys wandering the great outdoors, writing, reading good literature, and playing guitar. He resides in West Michigan.

Paula Barone is a member of the Protestant Reformed Churches and a former academic support teacher. She enjoys drawing, reading, and indoor rock climbing. She also lives in West Michigan.

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