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A Disciple of Herman Bavinck on God's Covenant and Baptism

A Disciple of Herman Bavinck on God's Covenant and Baptism

Bastiaan Wielenga (1873-1949) was a Reformed minister in Amsterdam. He was a son of the Afscheiding (Secession) of 1834, led by men such as Hendrik de Cock and Simon van Velzen. His instructor and mentor was Herman Bavinck (1854–1921), whom Wielenga held in high regard. In addition to the Lord and the church, Wielenga also loved literature.

In The Reformed Baptism Form: A Commentary, Wielenga combines his Reformed orthodoxy with a heartwarming literary style. Wielenga shows how the inclusion of the children of believers in God's covenant (and, therefore, the proper administration of the sacrament of baptism to them) naturally follows from a proper understanding of God's covenant with His elect church. Wielenga's book is deep enough to satisfy the learned theologian. Moreover, the volume is excellently and devotionally written to instruct and comfort, not only parents and their children, but all believers.

This volume is a great addition to any Reformed and Presbyterian family and library.

The book as been translated from the Dutch language by Annemie Godbehere, now with the Lord.

«The Father with his creative power establishes the bond of the covenant, opens the paternal home for his elect children, keeps the inheritance ready for them, and watches over them with his most special providence. The Son with his redemptive power takes their sins away, applies the power of his resurrection, and clothes them with the garment of his righteousness. Finally, the Holy Spirit with his sanctifying influence chooses the heart of the covenantal child as his eternal habitation, making what already belongs to the one in Christ also as a possession. He does not rest until the last stain of sin is removed from the heart and life, and the former dirty and besmirched sinner shines in perfection before God’s throne amid the angels. Therefore are we baptized in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.» ~ Bastiaan Wielenga.

«Although the covenant comes from eternity and is established in Christ with every one of the Lord’s people, with the new human race—and this is a lofty thought—it is personal in as much as God the Father through Christ establishes it with the favored sinner himself. The covenant is everlasting and yet individual. The Father comes down to such a degree that he treats each covenantal child separately. The covenant is like a sun emanating millions of rays, so that the covenantal child may believe: the Father takes one ray of mercy from Christ the Sun and makes it shine on me also, on me personally. He thinks of me. He sees me. He loves me. He has (oh eternal wonder!) established an eternal covenant of grace with me an earthworm, hardly known or respected by men; with me, whose rightful place would be in the darkest abyss of the universe, in eternal rejection and abandonment.» ~ Bastiaan Wielenga.

Also available in ebook format!

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