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Free Standard Bearer Special Issues

Free Standard Bearer Special Issues

For many years the Standard Bearer has published special issues that recognize significant events in the Reformation of the church (e.g. Abraham Kuyper and the Reformation of 1886, The Synod of Dordt, etc.) or important topics in the believer's life (e.g. Prayer, The Reformation and a Holy Life, etc.). The RFPA has a surplus of inventory of many of these special issues and we are offering them at no charge for evangelism purposes, discussion groups, and personal use (Shipping charges will apply). To place your order call (616-457-5970) or email (


October 15, 1995: The Reformation of 1924


October 15, 1996: The Reformation of 1953


October 15, 1997: The Synod of Dordt, 1618, 1619


January 15, 1998: Reformed Worship


October 15, 1998: Abraham Kuyper and the Reformation of 1886


October 15, 1999: The Reformation and the Last Things


August 2000: 75 Years Anniversary Celebration


October 15, 2000: John Knox


October 15, 2002: The Reformation and a Holy Life


October 15, 2003: John Calvin


October 15, 2004: The Reformation and the Doctrine of Man


June 2005: Prayer


October 15, 2005: John Wycliffe


October 15, 2006: Reformation in the Netherlands


May 1, 2007: The Lord’s Day


October 15, 2007: Church Reformation, 1834


November 1, 2009: John Calvin—500th Anniversary


October 15, 2010: The Ecumenical Spirit of the Reformation


October 15, 2011: The Belgic Confession of Faith


October 15, 2012: The Reformation of 1857


October 15, 2014: Augustine

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