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Quiz Your Knowledge of the Canons of Dordt (2)

Quiz Your Knowledge of the Canons of Dordt (2)

The RFPA blog editor, Rev. Martyn McGeown, enjoys teaching the creeds in his capacity as pastor of Providence PRC. To that end, he has written a series of quizzes for our blog readers, to test readers' knowledge of the Canons of Dordt. Try them out, test yourselves and your friends and family, and may the questions spur you on to familiarize yourselves with the confessions.

We continue with Head One.

Find questions 1 through 25 here.


Quiz 2 on Canons Head One (Articles 1-11; Rejection of Errors 1-6)

26. True or false: God has decreed to preserve his elect people in the fellowship of his Son and finally to glorify them.

27. True or false: The only thing that the Bible says about election is that God will save believers who persevere to the end in true faith.

28. True or false: It is possible to be chosen to faith without also being chosen to salvation.

29. True or false: God views faith and its incomplete obedience as making a person worthy of eternal life.

30. True or false: God chooses people unto faith because they are pious, humble, and meek.

31. True or false: God chooses people unto salvation because he foresees that they will believe and do good works.

32. True or false: Faith, holiness, godliness, and perseverance are fruits of the unchangeable election unto glory.

33. True or false: There are various decrees of election.

34. True or false: Some of the elect can and do perish despite God’s decree of election.

35. True or false: The godly obtain comfort from the firmness of their election.

36. True or false: The good pleasure, purpose, and counsel of the divine will is one.

37. True or false: God has chosen us from eternity to grace, but not to glory.

38. True or false: God has chosen us from eternity to salvation, but not to the way of salvation.

39. True or false: God has ordained that we should walk in the way of salvation.

40. True or false: God’s election of us was founded upon foreseen faith.

41. True or false: God chooses his people because he sees, or foresees, some good quality or disposition in them.

42. True or false: The elect are chosen to faith, and to the obedience of faith, and holiness.

43. True or false: Election is the fountain of every saving good. 

44. True or false: From election proceed faith, holiness, and the other gifts of salvation, and finally eternal life.

45. True or false: Of all possible qualities and actions of men God has chosen faith as the condition of salvation.

46. True or false: God has chosen to adopt certain persons, in distinction from others, to be his peculiar people.

47. True or false: The number of the elect can be diminished and the elect themselves can be cast away.



Find the answers to these questions here. For more quizzes and other reader activities, visit the RFPA blog next week!

Edit 1/15/2024 at 9:52AM. An earlier answer key provided an incorrect answer to one of the questions above. The key has now been corrected. Thank you to those readers who caught the mistake and let us know!


Martyn McGeown is a pastor in the Protestant Reformed Churches. He is also the editor of the RFPA blog and the author of multiple RFPA publications.

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