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Preparing for Dating and Marriage

Preparing for Dating and Marriage

Preparing for Dating and Marriage: A 31-Day Family Devotional

Convinced that instruction on marriage is for God’s youth early on, Pastor Cory Griess has provided a distinctive devotional aid for family worship. Parents, do not delay! Before our children enter the dating scene, where feelings tend to inhibit clear Christian thought, we must ground them now in scriptural principles. The youth of the church will soon make pivotal decisions in their dating years that will permanently affect their married lives. Here is a biblical, insightful, and practical guide for Christian parents, many of whom have vowed at baptism to train their children in the doctrines of scripture to the utmost of their power.—Pastor Jonathan Mahtani

"This book is wonderful help for pastors and families who desire to guide young people through their teenage years and beyond." ~ Rev. Dr. Don E. Galardi, retired minister in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

"This very readable 31-day devotional is easy to understand and yet full of profound truth, brief, but deep, warm, but serious. It will not only help your children tremendously; it will also challenge you in your own marriage. What else shall I say? I wholeheartedly recommend it without reservations. Pick up and read—it will be a great blessing to you and to your family!" ~ Dr. Sacha Walicord, pastor of Walker United Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan, visiting Professor Akademie fuer Reformatorische Theologie (Reformed Theological Seminary), Giessen, Germany.



Also available in ebook format! (Only $2.99 for book club members!)

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